Our mission

Fostering a sustainable future through impact investment in entrepreneurial teams!

Our belief

Prosperity goes hand in hand with the needs of a sustainable global future.

As a cleantech venture capital fund manager, we are pioneers in our field.

Our commitment

To partner with entrepreneurs and investing in leading cleantech companies producing more with less, using less resources and transforming those efficiencies into significant returns.

Our goal

Building and growing companies focused on disrupting their industries by challenging the status quo and creating large scale market value and sustainable benefits.

Sustainable prosperity: a bold vision requiring dedicated, committed and seasoned professionals who share a common belief and desire to grow the leading companies of tomorrow today

Fueled by the participation of our strategic partners, we direct venture capital investment to the best early or growth stage companies, supported by our seasoned team of financiers, engineers, operators working in collaboration with the best entrepreneurial teams to maximize returns on investment. Our “smart money” approach also leverages our vast network of contacts with industrial and business partners.

Building extraordinary companies with purpose driven venture capital

From agriculture technologies to green chemicals, including the new generation of biofuels, biomass transformation, smart grid, energy storage technologies, renewable energies, energy efficiency, Internet of Things (IoT) applied to resources management, big data and technologies dedicated to Smart Cities, we are working with companies that are rapidly and continuously changing the way we live and how we will be doing business in the years to come.

Cycle Capital: Investing in a world of sustainable opportunities!

agrisoma biosciences

Agrisoma develops and sells Resonance® carinata seeds to farmers for the production of non-food oil for the manufacture of sustainable, renewable fuels.

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Enerkem is a leading waste-to-biofuels company. Its proprietary thermo-chemical technology converts residual materials, such as non-recyclable municipal solid waste, into clean transportation fuels, renewable chemicals and electricity.

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Concentric develops sustainable biological products for the phyto-microbiome that are safe for people, protect our natural resources and increase agriculture's potential to feed the world.

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Lufa Farms

Lufa Farms builds world first urban rooftop greenhouse farms for agricultural production

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ESS Inc.

ESS Inc. brings to market the cleanest, lowest-cost long-duration energy storage systems

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Rhombus Energy Solutions

Rhombus Energy Solutions designs the most reliable high-power solutions for EV charging, energy storage, microgrids, and energy management.

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Airex Energy (LRL) develops and sells technology for biomass torrefaction based on a unique patented cyclonic bed reactor.

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Eocycle Technologies has developed and commercializes a direct drive alternator for wind turbines.

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Laboratoire M2

Laboratoire M2 manufactures biodegradable cleaning and disinfectant solutions.

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MineSense develops sensor-based mineral telemetry systems for large-scale base and precious metal mines to reduce unit energy and water usage, while increasing overall metal extraction.

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Bus.com is a bus rental platform and group transportation provider.

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SPARK Microsystems

Low power, low latency transceiver radio for wireless communications using ultra wideband technology.

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CVT Corp

CVT Corp is developing and commercializing a new toroidal continuously variable transmission (CVT) for power generators and heavy motor vehicles. Sustainable Development: Energy cost saving.

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Gan Systems

GaN Systems markets and develops next generation gallium nitride power switching transistors for a wide variety of markets.

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LED Roadway Lighting

LED Roadway Lighting (LRL) designs and manufactures street and area lighting fixtures that have a 20-year life expectancy and generate 60% more energy savings than fixtures using existing technology

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Polystyvert developed an innovative technology to recycle polystyrene using a dissolution process.

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Simplified, real-time energy data acquisition and delivery for solar, and utilities.

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Encycle is a technology company that is transforming HVAC energy management for multi-site commercial and industrial companies to lower electric costs, maximize energy efficiency, and reduce environmental impact.

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Energate Inc. provides interactive energy management solutions.

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greenmantra technologies

GreenMantra produces synthetic industrial waxes from recycled plastics using its patented catalytic depolymerisation technology.

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Local Logic

Local Logic is a big data company that uses a combination of geospatial data and user generated usage data to quantify qualitative aspects of location for every address in a city.

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Powerside is a leading provider of high quality products and services designed to understand, analyse and solve power quality issues, specializing in customized, low to medium voltage solutions.

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“Cycle Capital organized many of our successes with Canadian investments funds and continues to be a strategic partner of our growth.”

Vincent Chornet, President and CEO, Enerkem Inc.

“Simply because they [Cycle Capital Management] understand and believe in entrepreneurs.”

Richard Legault, President and CEO, Éocycle

Cycle Capital provides value to our company that goes well beyond the financial investment. They act as a true partner, providing significant insight and experience. They are always available to discuss ideas and are quick to support in any way requested. They are also simply a pleasure to work with.

Jeff More, President and CEO, MineSense Technologies Ltd