Description of the company and its technology

Nelift is an intelligent platform that secures multimodal ride sharing to help make daily commuting between home and work easier. It is the only application that offers ride sharing options combined with public transit options by connecting people, with the same or similar route, for faster, cheaper and greener daily commutes.

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Marc-Antoine Ducas is a business development professional and a computer engineer. He successfully co-founded and grew three companies and still helps several startups in technology create their way to success. He is known for his outstanding sales experience and strategies, as well as a very creative approach to tech solutions and funding.

As an entrepreneur, M. Ducas also strongly believes that success is not only measured by financial profitability, but also by the positive, long-term impact a technology or a company can have for the environment and our society.

Its recent startup, Netlift, aims at helping commuters transit easier using ride-sharing. The overall goal is to reduce significantly GHG emissions in urban traffic during rush hours by connecting the public transit system with private cars

Contact info of the company

215 St. Jacques St., Suite 500,
Montréal, QC H2Y 1M6

(514) 804-7454

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