Lufa Farms

Description of the company and its technology

Lufa Farms is a young urban agriculture fast growing company based in Montreal. We grow food on two rooftop farms (soon to be three) and partner with local farmers and artisans to make online shopping for responsible food easy.

We distribute fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, pasta, dairy products, and much more directly to customers through 300 PUPs in the greater Montreal area. Moreover, we offer sustainable home delivery with our electric cars. Our produce are always fresh and responsible.

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Mohamed Hage is a young entrepreneur with a demonstrated track record of success and over 10 years of experience running software and real estate companies. He has excelled at surrounding himself with passionate employees, and at creating and maintaining partnerships with experts from across many fields.

At Lufa Farms, Hage oversees development and operations. He owns the vision, driven by a keen personal interest in environmental science, sustainable fresh agriculture, and the challenge of renewable energy.

He conceived of Lufa Farms in the early 2000s based on his childhood experiences with agriculture and fresh produce in a village just outside of Beirut.

Contact info of the company

201-1400 Antonio-Barbeau
Montréal, Québec, H4N 1H5 Canada
T: (514) 669-3559

F: (514) 635-6202


The Cycle team believed in the potential of our business from our beginnings. Since 2012, Cycle proved to be an excellent partner for our growth, and is essential to any young ambitious company.Mohamed Hage, Founder and CEO, Lufa Farms