Greenmantra Technologies

Description of the company and its technology

GreenMantra Technologies is an industry leader in the transformation of recycled waste plastics into usable specialty chemical products. Through a proprietary thermo-catalytic system and patented process, the company cost-effectively converts waste plastics, including hard-to-recycle materials such as grocery bags and film, into high-value waxes and other specialty chemicals. Its specialty wax products have a broad range of applications in the polymer processing, adhesives, coatings, roofing and paving, and other industries. The company is at the forefront of providing an environmentally positive alternative source for synthetic waxes, reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuels as a raw material. This helps advance progress toward the goal of a circular economy that responsibly reuses waste streams.

The company’s headquarters and state of the art manufacturing plant are located in Brantford, Ontario. GreenMantra’s award winning technology and products continue to receive industry recognition, including, most recently, the 2016 R&D100 Special Recognition Award for Green Technology.

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Jim Witham has over thirty years’ experience in business development, international sales and marketing and operations management, and joins GaN Systems from Neoconix Inc., a manufacturer of high density, high performance miniature connectors.

As President and CEO of Neoconix, he successfully implemented strategic changes which dramatically increased revenue and resulted in the company’s acquisition by Unimicron Technology Corporation. Prior to Neoconix, Witham spent five years as President and CEO at Fultec Semiconductor and has also held VP Sales & Marketing positions at Aegis Semiconductor and Genoa Corporation.

Other notable career highlights include senior executive positions at Raychem, including Director of Asia Sales & Marketing, based in Japan. As an Engineering Specialist at General Dynamics’ Space System Division during the eighties, Witham worked on fluid systems for the Space Shuttle and was on Mission Control for interplanetary missions. Witham holds an MBA from Harvard and both M.S. and B.S. with distinction in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.

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GreenMantra™ Technologies
81 Elgin Street
Brantford, ON N3S 5A1
Toll free: 888-519-2015

A shared vision of the success factors affecting resource efficient specialty chemical manufacturing means a balanced investment thesis at the company level. This leads to efficient deployment of resources, and the right balance between patience and acceleration of the business strategy. This is what our relationship with Cycle Capital has been, and will continue to be. This is how you enable success in cleantech.Kousay Said, President and CEO, GreenMantra Technologies