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Scaling Impactful Innovation

Cycle Capital’s vision is to help build a sustainable and prosperous future through impact investing. We invest in companies that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, optimize resource and energy use, and improve the efficiency of industrial processes. In addition, we promote the leadership of women and people with diverse backgrounds. We implement exemplary governance within our companies. 

Cycle Capital is an impact investor, investing in innovative companies developing clean technologies. These companies generate financial returns and a measurable positive impact on the environment. 

As part of this process, we measure, track, and report on the non-financial performance of our portfolio companies on a selection of ESG and impact indicators. 

Our impact measurement and ESG analysis combines different benchmarks for impact measurement and monitoring. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, IRIS+ indicators and Impact Management Project (IMP) framework are combined with a measurement of GHG emissions by an independent third party expert to create a comprehensive baseline for portfolio companies. 

We also benefit from the support of an Impact Committee, which advises us on best practices in terms of ESG analysis and impact. 

Cycle Capital is active in the the ecosystem encouraging partners, investors, and co-investors to amplify its impact in the fight against climate change and increase diversity. 

Our portfolio contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The impact of
Cycle Capital Fund IV
in 2020

companies in our portfolio
tons of GHGs avoided by our portfolio companies in 2020
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of our companies employees are women

Impact Report

Impact and ESG Report

The objective of this report is to present our annual progress towards our social and environmental targets and priorities.

Impact and ESG Report

Cycle Capital's annual report provides insights into the progress towards our social and environmental targets and priorities.